Dog adventure Home Free headed to PS4


The logo has a dog’s butt!

I was as pleasantly surprised as Darren to see Home Free, a survival game about a lost dog in a randomly generated city, reach its funding goal on Kickstarter in under a week. More good news: it’s coming to PlayStation 4 in addition to the already confirmed Windows and Mac versions.

“I’m very excited to bring the game to this platform and I really appreciate the support Sony has shown so far to make this happen,” said developer Kevin Cancienne.

Current backers who have pledged $15 (the lowest reward tier) or more can optionally increase their pledge by $5 to lock in a copy of Home Free on PS4. If they’ve pledged over the $150 tier, they won’t have to pay anything extra. “I’m sorry I have to charge more at all,” noted Cancienne, “but this helps me offset the additional development costs of releasing on PlayStation 4.”

Home Free should be out by fall of 2016. Let’s celebrate with a spinning shiba gif.

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