DokeV is an oddball 'family-friendly' MMO from the makers of Black Desert


I’m weirdly curious

Sometimes a video game comes our way and I just want to tell you to watch the trailer because there’s a whole lot going on and it’s better seen than explained. That’s definitely how I feel about DokeV, a wild new PC and console MMO for “all ages” from Pearl Abyss, the Black Desert Online people.

It’s kinda like Pokémon or Yo-Kai Watch, but with a staggering visual fidelity to the proceedings.

The trailer is a trip. The 4K upload made my eyes melt a bit.

The game is called DokeV that’s “doh-keh-vee,” by the way and it’s about creatures, Dokebi, “that grow and gain power from people’s dreams.” It’s running on the studio’s next-gen game engine.

Pearl Abyss is juggling multiple other projects right now (including a new fantasy IP, Crimson Desert, and an arena fighter, Shadow Arena), but this is the one I’m most into as a creature-collecting game fan. The developer sums up DokeV as an “open world adventure,” and expects to run a beta test in 2020.