Don't call this Kirby statue a 'round pink ball'


Or he might just destroy your precious antique cans

The next gaming statue from First 4 Figures (and the third in the company’s Kirby line, following Sword Kirby and Meta Knight) is a determined-looking Fighter Kirby.

Ahead of a Q4 2017 release, pre-orders are open for the 13-inch, not-quite-three-sodas-tall statue. It’s $250 for the regular model and $270 for the exclusive edition, the latter of which has an LED spin kick.

With those prices in mind, please join me in living vicariously through these images.

Fun fact: Destructoid has a weirdly specific “Kirby is made of string” tag, and even one for “Kirby is made of cake.” It might just be time for a “Kirby is made of plastic” tag to join the database.

Fighter Kirby (Regular) [First 4 Figures]Fighter Kirby (Exclusive) [First 4 Figures]