Don't forget to pet the pooch in Ghostwire: Tokyo


Paranormal hijinks can wait

Shinji Mikami shared a short update on Ghostwire: Tokyo during today’s QuakeCon at Home stream.

The city might be missing most of its residents, but dogs are still roaming the streets – and you can totally pet them. Even if the bit is kind of played out, it comes from a genuine place. I must embrace it.

On a more existential note, Mikami commented on the “challenging times” we’re in. He’s wondered “why it’s been feeling so tough lately, then I realized that I’ve been in this industry for 30 years. I’d rather not become a fossil in the game industry so I’ll do my best to be a living, breathing fossil.”

For better or worse, Tango Gameworks’ supernatural action-adventure game is such a wildcard for me. The premise, setting, and unexpected first-person framing stand out and have great potential, but I’m struggling to grasp Ghostwire: Tokyo as a whole. I wonder if it’ll completely click pre-release – there’s plenty of time before the PS5 and PC launch in 2021 – or if we’ll need to have it in our hands.

Mikami says they’re striving to make it “more cool and unique.”