Don't forget to watch Awesome Games Done Quick 2020


It’s the 10th anniversary

Looking for something to semi-mindlessly watch this cold winter weekend while you melt into your chair? Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 starts this Sunday, January 5, at 11:30am ET in Orlando, FL.

As usual, the streaming-for-charity event is a week-long gathering of video game speedrunners hosted in support of the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The runners practice all year long, show off their latest time-shaving techniques, and bring in donations for a good cause a staggering $22 million across multiple charities since 2010. Speaking of which, yep, AGDQ 2020 marks the tenth anniversary.

I’m always partial to the head-to-head races – if you’ve never seen any, there’s this extra energy in the room as multiple speedrunners try to stay in the zone and not let the pressure get to them – but you’ve got tons of options. The full AGDQ 2020 schedule is listed here. My eyes immediately jumped to The Outer Worlds (Jan. 6), Control (Jan. 10), and Untitled Goose Game (Jan. 11). Those runs are all new to me.

Awful block: an AGDQ tradition. #AGDQ2020 will be no different, with gems abound starting with a bonus game on Wed night, Jan 8!

If it’s anything like AGDQ 2019, it’ll be an unforgettable time! Take last year’s Virtual Hydlide run, where you can really see the game’s “charm”:

— Games Done Quick (@GamesDoneQuick) January 2, 2020

You might also want to carve out some time for the “Awful Block.” Janky games can be magical.

Awesome Games Done Quick runs until January 12, so if you aren’t free this Sunday, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch some runs next week. You can also check the GDQ YouTube for archives.