Don't like Overwatch's Bastion? Well he might be getting a buff soon


Beep boop

Bastion, the character that can be easily countered and has always been a mid-tier winrate hero at best at all levels of play, has been a sore spot since his debut. Many players who don’t go out of their comfort zone to try new counters think he’s overtuned, but Blizzard actually thinks he needs a little more help.

Speaking on the forums, designer Geoff Goodman noted that he was looking into changing the hero, as a direct response to a thread that noted that Bastion was in a “bad spot.” Since he’s rarely used in tournaments outside of the Watchpoint: Gibraltar mapand frequently at the bottom of tier lists and the like, Blizzard clearly wants him to see more play.

No timeline was given for these changes, but if you still somehow think Bastion is “overpowered,” check out some guides before this update hits.

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