Don't Starve Together and Terraria team up for boss crossovers


The Eye of Cthulhu and Deerclops are trading places, and they suit their new surroundings

Not that we need a reason for two popular, long-running games to team up, but there’s something about Don’t Starve melding with Terraria that feels on-brand for both titles.

This week, Re-Logic reiterated that it’s not completely done with Terraria, as there’s “some Steam Deck optimization-focused stuff” to get through, which is apparently “going quite well.” In a pleasant surprise, the developers also teased a piece of crossover content with Don’t Starve Together. There’s a short gif with the Eye of Cthulhu, an iconic Terraria boss, peering down at Wilson in the oh-so-hostile world of Don’t Starve Together.

Re-Logic slightly elaborated about the situation in a Terraria forum post. “You know how we always say that we are done adding content to Terraria? Well, about that…”

Oops, I think we mixed something up somewhere. Oh well, I'm sure it will all sort itself out by next month.⚔️

— Klei (@klei) October 21, 2021

The crossover goes both ways, of course. Terraria is getting a bit of Klei magic with the towering Deerclops boss entering the fray. Here’s a screencap, in case Twitter acts up.

For now, we’re still in that initial cool-thing-happening-soon, please-be-excited teaser phase, so we don’t know when these updates will go out in either of the games.

[Update: In a new forum post, Re-Logic said fans have to wait “just a bit longer” for the Don’t Stave Together and Terraria boss crossover, which will be “authentic to the [original] gameplay.” Another hint: “As you can tell from the above gifs, we are swapping terrifying foes. What else might be making the journey to DST and vice versa?”]

Update 2: The crossover updates are live in both games, and Klei shared a big overview.]

Re-Logic’s willingness to update Terraria is as unkillable as Freddy, Jason, and Michael.