Donut County and Gorogoa are getting physical editions on Switch


$35 each, shipping early next year

Two of Annapurna Interactive’s best games will soon be able to sit on your shelf. And we’re not talking about a figurative shelf to describe a collection of digital video games. We’re talking about a tangible, real-life shelf.

Donut Countyand Gorogoaare getting physical versions on Switch thanks to iam8bit. They’ll be relatively rare, though. Only 5,000 copies will be made of each game. They’ll be relatively expensive, too. Each title will sell for $35.

If this is something you want on that tangible shelf of yours, you’ll have to act in the coming days. Pre-orders open on August 15 at 10am Pacific. Here’s the Donut Countypage, here’s the Gorogoapage. They’ll ship sometime in the first three months of 2020.

This is a prime opportunity to fill a couple of glaring holes in your collection. But, as Donut Countyproves, sometimes a hole isn’t such a bad thing.