Doom 2 co-creator is raising support for Ukraine with a new level


All of the new level’s proceeds will go towards humanitarian aid for Ukraine

Doom co-creator John Romero is raising support for Ukraine on a brand-new level. Romero has a new level for Doom 2, and all proceeds from it will go towards aiding humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

Called “One Humanity,” this is Romero’s first Doom 2 level since the original came out in 1994. The level, also known as the .WAD, requires an original copy of Doom 2 and a modern source port to play.

All the proceeds from the €5 Doom 2 level will go towards the people of Ukraine, aiding the efforts of the Red Cross and UN Central Emergency Response Fund.

To support the people of Ukraine and the humanitarian efforts of the Red Cross and the UN Central Emergency Response Fund, I’m releasing a new DOOM II level for a donation of €5. 100% of the proceeds go toward these agencies. Thank you.

— ???? ?????? (@romero) March 2, 2022

It’s pretty easy and cheap to get a copy of Doom 2, alongside its predecessor, these days. And now you can play new content for it while helping humanitarian aid where it’s needed.

Many game developers and publishers have been calling for support and releasing statements on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. From donating game sales to making donations, many been putting their support behind the citizens of Ukraine.

Others, meanwhile, have been pulling their content away from Russia. EA Sports has removed the Russian national teams and clubs from two of its games, echoing decisions made by their real-life counterparts. And CD Projekt, the group that publishes CD Projekt Red games like Cyberpunk 2077 and also owns digital gaming platform GOG, announced that it will be halting digital and physical sales in Russia and Belarus to call attention to the invasion of Ukraine.