Doom and RAGE are available on Xbox Game Pass today


Experience two different hells

ID Software’s RAGE and Doom (2016) will be coming to Xbox Game Pass today. While the announcement says, “Available Now,” the Xbox Live servers may not have updated when you go to check. In any regard, this is a great way to experience both titles if you’re interested in their upcoming sequels.

For my money, I wouldn’t really say RAGE is all that necessary. It doesn’t look like Bethesda is interested in continuing the story from the first and the game doesn’t really do anything all too interesting. It has fun enough combat, but its world design is bloated out for no reason with really lackluster sidequests.

Doom, though, is an absolute blast and a great update to the granddaddy of all first-person shooters. It does have a few issues, but it puts gameplay front and center and doesn’t inundate you with needless exposition (until the very end). Even if you have no interest in Doom Eternal, check out the first one. It might reverse your opinion really quickly.

I didn’t want to interrupt Free Code Friday with this exciting news, but DOOM and Rage have been added to the Xbox Game Pass library

— Larry Hryb (@majornelson) August 10, 2018

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