Doom Eternal's big QuakeCon gameplay reveal is just a few days away


Friday, I’m in Love

Here we are, again gathered together because of the promise of impending Doom Eternal gameplay. Last time, we were four weeks away. This time, we’re four days away.

This is ostensibly just another reminder that the first look at Doom Eternal‘s gameplay will be revealed on Friday August 10 from Bethesda’s QuakeCon keynote. But, this PSA comes bearing slightly more information. This thing kicks off at 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific.

Doom Eternaland id Software don’t have a lot to prove. Just keep this in the vein of 2016’s Doomand the ship will be right on course. But we’ll probably know a bit more about all of that toward the end of the week.

The DOOM Slayer returns. Watch live as we unleash the world premiere of #DOOM Eternal gameplay on Friday, August 10 at 11am CT/12pm ET.

Don’t miss the action-packed reveal of the sequel to DOOM, presented by id Software.

— DOOM (@DOOM) August 3, 2018