Doom's Olivia Pierce was inspired by Tilda Swinton


Hell hath no fury

Last year’s DOOM is already one of my favorite first-person shooters. Every piece of the game feels as though it was designed to hit players like a sack of bricks. Its combat encounters are violent and snappy affairs that encourage both constant movement and reckless aggression through the Glory Kill system. DOOM is kinetic energy distilled into a digital form.

But DOOM‘s 2016 rebirth comes with a certain amount of baggage. After languishing in development hell for a few years, the shooter underwent numerous changes before releasing to critical praise. Though the final product is damn near perfect, getting it to that point took plenty of effort.

The most recent episode of Did You Know Gaming dives into DOOM. As expected, the video is full of interesting trivia and insightful quotes from the game’s developers. There’s info about the absolutely blistering soundtrack — which includes hidden spectrographic images! — as well as information surrounding DOOM‘s opening sequence and the game’s host of secrets.

I had no idea that Academy Award winning actress Tilda Swinton served as the chief inspiration for Olivia Pierce, but after checking out the video I can’t unsee it. Weird. Now excuse me while I go slaughter a few thousand demons without batting an eye.