Doom's Vulkan support is now live, you might get a better framerate on PC



Remember when we were all worried about Doompotentially sucking really hard, and then it came out and was fantastic? It was two months ago, so you should, you dingus. Well, if you played it on PC and your framerate was less than optimal, id has just enabled Vulkan support that may help you.

Yep, Doom is now the fourth game to support the Vulkan API (Application Programming Interface), which is a lower-overhead alternative to OpenGL and DirectX. In layman’s terms, you’ll get better performance, especially if you’re using a multi-core PC. This should result in a framerate boost for most players, but I’ve yet to try it and thus I can’t comment on how well it works.

According to Wikipedia, Vulkan’s stable release was yesterday, so I’m curious to see how many high-end games start adopting this API. All I know for sure is that Doom looks loveliest at very high framerates. Who knew that tearing up meat could be so artist? Meat en scène, if you will.

DOOM – Vulkan Support Now Live [Bethesda]