DOTA: Dragon's Blood anime series hits Netflix March 25


‘The story you’ve been waiting for is finally here’

Netflix has announced the coming of a brand new anime series based on epic strategy franchise Dota. As revealed in a new teaser trailer, which you can check out below, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is produced in association with the publisher Valve and will premiere on the streaming service March 25.

Produced by Studio MIR (Netflix Voltron, The Legend of Korra) The eight-episode animated series will follow the adventures of the Dragon Knight, Davion, (a legitimate Dota 2 character class), who becomes embroiled in world-changing events after an encounter with the Princess of the Moon, Mirana. Showrunner Ashley Edward Miller describes DOTA: Dragon’s Blood as an “epic, emotional, adult-oriented story” sure to please franchise fans with its variety of recognizable characters and events.

Valve’s Dota joins other gaming legends such as Castlevania, The Witcher, and Dragon’s Dogma to receive a Netflix-produced anime adaptation. Whether this new series will meet the expectations of the video game’s enormous fanbase remains to be seen, but given the depth and breadth of the Dota universe, there’s certainly a lot of source material to pull from.