Doujin fighter sequel EN-EINS PERFEKTWELT Anastasis coming in 2022


This week’s REAL fighting game reveal

The ironically named SUBTLE STYLE (all caps) has announced a new sequel to its super-cult 2010 fighting title EN-EINS PERFEKTWELT. Currently in development for the Japanese arcade scene, EN-EINS PERFEKTWELT Anastasis is expected to hit the scene later in 2022.

You’d be forgiven for being blissfully unaware of EN-EINS PERFEKTWELT‘s existence. As a “doujin fighter,” it is a small-scale, extremely independent release. Doujin fighters typically only find life among the Japanese PC community, though most have incredibly passionate, if minute, communities. A brand such as Melty Blood is an example of the genre which did manage to eke out something of an international reputation for itself but, for the most part, many of these releases remain unknown.

EN-EINS PERFEKTWELT, itself a sequel to 2007 fighter Akatsuki Blitzkampf, is a typically apocalyptical tale of a world under siege, thrown into chaos and disarray by charged political powers and terroristic attacks by a body known as the New Orders of Knights Templar. A roster, led by a young God clone known as “En Eins,” battle it out in order to lay claim to the fate of the new world.

As you can see from the video below, courtesy of YouTuber gf202020, EN-EINS PERFEKTWELT really didn’t look too shabby, with slick 2D visuals, poppin’ colors, and exciting, fast-paced gameplay. Whether this new sequel will see the cult series make a play for the international scene remains pretty unlikely, but given the current resurgence of both mainstream and somewhat obscure fighting titles, 2022 would be an ideal year to give it a shot.

EN-EINS PERFEKTWELT Anastasis is currently in development for the arcade market.