Dr. Mario World employs Dr. Luma, and I'm not sure it has a medical license


‘Is there another doctor in?’

Say what you will about Dr. Mario World (and I will!), but you have to give it to Nintendo for constantly supporting it. World’s developers have been adding doctors and worlds amid myriad content updates for the past few months, which includes the most recent version 1.1.1.

This time you’ll get a Mario Galaxy-themed activity, which includes Dr. Rosalina and Dr. Luma, the latter of whom does not seem qualified at all. The powers that be have gone all out on the details, complete with screens and a video you can watch below. As of now today’s scheduled maintenance is completed, and you can grab the update now!

It’ll also feature some bug fixes, which come with three staff tickets as an apology for various outages.

Dr. Mario World [Twitter]

Blue: “I’ve done some research and gathered information about the two new doctors and four new assistants who will be appearing at 1 AM PT on Oct. 4. Apparently one will let you move again, and that’s just no good for me at all!” #DrMarioWorld pic.twitter.com/Nl2hGWH7Mc

— Dr. Mario World (@Drmarioworld_EN) October 4, 2019