Dragalia Lost previews new Fire Emblem crossover event


When Worlds Collide

Later this week, two big names in the fantasy RPG world will lock horns, as mobile battler Dragalia Lost welcomes four heroes from the legendary Fire Emblem series. Nintendo has released a new trailer promoting the “Kindred Ties” crossover event, part one of which will go live in-game this week.

As you can see from the video below, the lucky quartet of Fire Emblem stars initially chosen for the Kindred Ties event are Fire Emblem Heroes‘ Sharena and Peony; Fire Emblem Awakenings‘ Chrom; and recurrent Fire Emblem star Tiki. These characters can leap into Dragalia Lost‘s colourful chibi action and will also feature in boss battles, with players unlocking special awards including wallpapers and avatars.

In addition to this wave of new characters, Dragalia Lost will receive a new Coliseum mode on May 5, which will allow players to square off against wave after wave of heroes in hectic throwdowns. The Coliseum mode will also feature high-level quests, to test the mettle of even the most hardened warriors.

Kindred Ties: Part One will go live in-game on April 29 at 23:00 PT and April 30 at 02:00 ET / 07:00 BST. Dragalia Lost is available now on iOS and Android devices.