Dragon Age 4 lead says the game is coming along, but working from home has made progress harder


Mark Darrah speaks

Dragon Age 4, which will undoubtedly be coming to next-gen consoles at this point, is still making progress. How much progress? Well, that depends on how well BioWare handles working from home in the coming months.

Although the team has been fairly silent on anything explicitlyDragon Age 4for a long while, BioWare executive producerMark Darrah took to Twitter to calm the masses; providing a semi-detailed missive of what’s actually happening. In his four point directive, he explained that Dragon Age 4production is still trucking along, despite the fact that BioWare is working from home.

He does note, however, like several other studios (some of whom have delayed their games due to remote work), that “working from home is harder.” For AAA game development, which requires all sorts of coordination from voiceover work, to design, to orchestral scores, I believe it! There is zero mention of a “delay” of any kind though, so as always, Dragon Age 4will come when it comes.

Mark Darrah [Twitter]