Dragon Ball FighterZ's Kid Goku GT looks devastating when he transforms into Super Saiyan 4


Out on May 9

Arc System Works and Bandai are rolling out another version of Goku soon: Kid Goku (GT).

Based on the Dragon Ball GTanime series, this shocker of a character will have the ability to morph into the memorableSuper Saiyan 4 mode, which allows him to use the “Dragon Fist Explosion” technique: allegedly the most powerful single move in FighterZ. Amazingly the original Dragon Ballseries gets no respect, but given that this incarnation of Goku will sport his signature power pole, it’s close enough, right (probably not)? You can get a brief look at both the kid and SS4 model in the gameplay video below.

As a reminder, Goku (GT) will arrive on May 9 as part of the FighterZ [Season] Pass 2. Jiren and Videl are out now, with a mystery character, Gogeta (SSGSS), and Broly (DBS) to follow. GT Goku seems like one of the most divisive additions yet, especially given that there are already three versions of Goku available.

Dragon Ball FighterZ has had one hell of a run since its January 2018 launch.If you bought the game during that initial timeframe, the full package would run you roughly $120 ($34.99 for the first pass, $24.99 for the second, on top of $59.99 baseline).