Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 refuses to stop getting DLC


Paid and free updates are still coming

Pop quiz, hotshot! When did Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 come out?

If you answered…2016, you are correct!Bandai Namco is showing once again that Dragon Ball games can be a decent investment, time-wise, as they’re peddling even more DLC very soon. In addition to a free update, “Legendary Pack 1” will launch as paid DLC on March 18. It’ll feature Toppo and Pikkon, as well as a Janemba mascot.

The trailer below will give you a quick overview of what’s up, with a decent chunk of footage and story bits. The publisher notes that this pack will include a “new story,” and will feature Trunks battling against Fu. There’s even a little teaser at the end!

Every so often this one beckons me back like a Siren’s song. The free update, which hits on March 16, will help.