Dragon Ball XenoVerse is getting the new form of Frieza as DLC


From Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

Remember when Frieza said that he had changed into his final form on Namek? Well he lied. In the newest Dragon Ball Z movie titled Resurrection ‘F’, Frieza will be reincarnated as Golden Frieza, taking on the gang once again.

Bandai Namco is taking advantage of this cross-promotion with a new DLC character for Dragon Ball XenoVerse, as well as Jaco from Jaco the Galactric Patrolman. There’s also an unannounced character, more quests, more moves, and a few additional costumes involved. Currently all of this is announced only for Japan.

Resurrection ‘F’ Version Frieza Joins Dragon Ball Xenoverse Game as DLC[Anime News Network]