Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot on Switch? Bandai Namco says it was a mistake


Rock the dragon: but only on certain systems

Wait what? And it’s gone!

In case you missed it, Bandai Namco’s Latin America Instagram account (what a wild world we live in with global brands on social) had a little snafu recently. In a new ad for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot(which came out last year but is getting new DLC soon), a conspicuous “Switch” logo was spotted at the bottom.

Now, as we know, Kakarotis only out on PC/PlayStation/Xbox. But is there a Switch version in the cards, perhaps for a Game of the Year-like release bundled with that DLC? Not anytime soon, at least. Bandai Namco acknowledged the mistake, and noted that the logo was added in error.

It is strange, because Kakaroton Switch is entirely believable. It’s not the most graphically intensive game, plus, Bandai Namco has made an effort to bring a ton of games to Switch these past few years; even from third-party developer partners.

Although it was a “mistake” to have the logo on this particular ad campaign, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn about a port down the line.

Bandai Namco [Instagram via Twitter] Thanks Rick!