Dragon Knight (and Astra) are bringing the fantasy to DNF Duel


Combo Scale-ing

Are you curious about Nexon’s new fighter DNF Duel yet? I sure am, and while I’m not entirely sure whether it is going to take the world by storm, I certainly think having Eighting and Arc System Works in its corner will definitely help it come out swinging, at the very least. Bringing hype is a new character trailer, spotlighting the fantasy femme, Dragon Knight.

Dragon Knight rocks a hybrid fighting style that combines balletic swordplay and acrobatic aerial attacks with something of a projectile side-game, courtesy of their adorable scaly pal, Astra. In the short trailer, we see Astra apply pressure with slow-moving fireballs while DK gets to work with the slicing ‘n’ dicing. As cute as the duo are, things get a little real for the super, when Astra quickly evolves into a huge, formidable terror, riding the hapless opponent into the ground. The Totes Adorbs factor then returns for a match-winning hug. Great looking character.

Dragon Knight joins a roster that already includes characters such as Berserker, Grappler, Hitman, Inquisitor, Striker, and many others, each inspired by the popular MMO Dungeon Fighter Online. DNF Duel is looking pretty snazzy, and we can check out the action for ourselves this coming weekend, courtesy of an open beta that drops December 17 on PS4 and PS5. I’ll definitely be taking a look, and will hopefully get the opportunity to report back with my findings at some point over the holidays. While DNF Duel does not have a release date, it is expected on PlayStation and PC platforms.