Dragon Quest X is coming to PC


Still no word if the game will ever cross the Pacific

Square Enix announced today on a special ten-hourDragon Quest Xlivestream that the once-Nintendo exclusive will be coming to PC on September 26 in Japan. The base game will retail for ¥3990 Yen (roughly $40) in addition to a deluxe version for ¥9800 that includes: a Dragon Quest X PC game controller, monster encyclopedia book, microfiber map of the world, security token, and some additional in-game content.

What this means for Nintendo is anybody’s guess. The Dragon Quest series has always been huge in Japan and this Nintendo exclusive was a major selling point for both the Wii and now Wii U. Hopefully there’s at least a better chance of this game eventually coming stateside; as you really can’t have too much Dragon Quest RPG goodness. Only time will tell though.

For those interested, the Dragon Quest X PC benchmark test can be found here:Beta signup can be foundhere.

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