Dragon Quest XI S demo now available on the eShop


Data carries over to full game

[Update: It turns out that playing this new demo won’t just allow you to get a head start on the main game. As announced by Nintendo, save data from the main game and this demo will unlock the “Tockle” spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. While that isn’t immediately available, at least know you’ll be getting a little more than previously thought if you try out Dragon Quest XI early.]

The Dragon Quest XI S demo revealed earlier this month is now available for download on the eShop. Containing an early section of the game, anyone that plays the demo can carry their save file over to the full release when it launches next month. The demo clocks in at around 4.7 GB and is currently available in North America, Europe, and Japan.

If you’re looking to grab the game digitally, it is now available for pre-loading. This will download all the files on your console so the game is ready to play when it releases on September 27, 2019. I’m not sure if the demo contains the 16-bit graphical filter, but I’m very interested to see how Dragon Quest XI runs on the Switch.

Dragon Quest XI S Demo Debuts On The Nintendo Switch eShop [Siliconera]