Dragon's Crown Pro trailer takes another look at our intrepid heroes


Party of Six

Although the remastered version of Vanillaware’s brawler-RPG, Dragon’s Crown Pro, has been available on Japanese PS4 for a few weeks, Western fans are still eagerly await the localisation of the sword-and-sorcery adventure.

To help pass the time, publishers Atlus have released a new trailer taking a look at the game’s six heroes. Elf, Wizard, Amazon, Fighter, Dwarf and the Sorceress are all present and accounted for, as this band of warriors venture into caverns deep and dungeons dark, on a quest for justice, glory and oodles and oodles of lovely loot.

Dragon’s Crown Pro takes the PS3/PS Vita adventure and gives it a fresh coat of paint. With 4K visuals, a newly-recorded score and cross-play and cross-save features with the previous generation’s editions, it’s a great opportunity for those who missed out first time around to see what all the fuss was about.

Dragon’s Crown Pro launches on PS4 Worldwide May 15.