Dragon's Dogma anime looking slick in its debut trailer


Breath of Fire

Netflix has released the debut trailer for its upcoming anime adaptation of Capcom’s celebrated series, Dragon’s Dogma, which will premiere on the streaming service from September 17.

Dragon’s Dogma will tell the story of warrior Ethan, whose heart was stolen in battle by a fearsome dragon, leaving him to wander the world as an “Arisen,” living in a perpetual limbo state between life and death. Ethan, along with comrade Hannah and other allies, must battle an army of vicious dragons – representing the Seven Deadly Sins – if he is to confront his nemesis and find his eternal peace.

The exciting two-minute preview gives fans their first opportunity to see the dramatic and grim tale of the fantasy adventure franchise brought to life, courtesy of sharp CG visuals from Japanese studio Sublimation. From these early clips, I think Dragon’s Dogma looks really promising. Here’s hoping it lives up to fans’ expectations on release. Better yet, here’s hoping it stokes the fire in Capcom to develop a new video game entry in this long-dormant series.

Dragon’s Dogma premieres on Netflix September 17.