Dream Daddy delayed, some fans are salty


Hard to be a dream dad when your kids are throwing a tantrum

It’s going to be a little bit longer before you can snag the hunky dad of your dreams. Dad dating simulator, Dream Daddy, has been delayed at the very last possible moment.

Originally scheduled for a July 13 release date, an update from the Dream Daddy twitter account late last evening broke the news that the team was going to miss the date. Despite weeks of crunch time, the discovery of last-minute late-game bugs forced the team to delay the launch until they could work out the kinks. The full statement can be found below.

We’re so sorry, we weren’t able to get the game out tonight. Here’s a note from @VernonShaw explaining in detail. pic.twitter.com/w13fw6DRVO

— Dream Daddy (@dreamdaddygame) July 14, 2017

Sounds pretty cut and dry to me. Of course it would have been better if the Dream Daddy team had been able to give fans a little more heads-up to expect a delay, but if they didn’t find the bugs until the last-minute, how could they? Better to delay and release a working game than shove a broken mess out the door.

Of course, this being the internet, some people are reacting to the news in a less than mature manner.

Always unfortunate to see that kind of reaction. It’s understandable to be frustrated, but screaming at a small indie team and telling them you plan to pirate their game in retaliation for a small delay is beyond the pale. Games are hard to make. While that isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card, it should allow for some degree of understanding and empathy.