Dream Daddy launch woos Steam users


Who’s your daddy?

Following its initial delay, yesterday saw the release of Game Grumps’ dating-sim Dream Daddy, which proceeded to shoot straight to the top of the daily sales charts.

The game, developed and published by the popular Youtubers, slides snugly alongside House Party and Hatoful Boyfriend as one of the more unique entries in the dating-sim genre. You play as a (fully customisable) single father, who moves into the sleepy town of Maple Bay with your headstrong teenage daughter, Amanda. Whilst you both acclimatise to the new neighborhood, you will meet, and potentially romance, one of seven other single dads in the area.

Whilst a lot of press has been focused on the game’s concept, underneath lies an interesting story of romance, family and grief as you and Amanda both struggle to adjust to the new town and its inhabitants, whilst coming to terms with the loss of a previous partner. As a maturing young woman, Amanda has her own difficulties. How well you respond to her troubles makes for thought-provoking subtext.

This isn’t King Lear though, Dream Daddy is a fun, light-hearted game. Hot dad dates take place via themed mini-games, and there are multiple endings depending on your interactions with the other dads (and their offspring) as well as your relationship with Amanda herself.

Dream Daddy is available now on Steam, priced at $15/£11