Dreams will be playable with PlayStation VR starting July 22


The free PlayStation VR update includes tutorials, starter kits, and Media Molecule-developed VR experiences

July 22 is bound to be the biggest day of the year for Dreams since launch. That’s when Media Molecule is releasing a free update to add PlayStation VR support including “tutorials, how-tos, and kits to get you started when creating with the PS VR system plus new content to play.” The wait was worth it.

The studio says that creating with PlayStation Move controllers will feel like an immersive, “very one-to-one experience” in VR – but creators don’t need to be in virtual reality to make VR content in Dreams.

In terms of discoverability and searches, the game’s “creative community will be able to specify if their content is playable in VR or not, and [user-generated content] in Dreams will ask for a comfort rating from players, so you’ll be able to see what games are the best experience in VR.”

The July 22 update also promises “a full slate of accessibility features including comfort mode, vignette strength, static sky, and more to make the experience of playing and creating as great as possible.”

I can’t stress enough how exciting this is as a PlayStation VR-owning Dreams player. The possibilities are staggering, and while PS VR is still getting notable new games in 2020, Dreams will have legs.

I’m ready to paint some happy little clouds.

PS VR support comes to Dreams on July 22 [PlayStation Blog]