Dust off your rollerblades, On a Roll is bringing inline skating back


Getting extreme for the first time in decades

Rollerblading is like movie rental stores and the Olsen Twins. They’re all relics of ’90s culture that I assumed just vanished once 2000 rolled around.

Turns out I was wrong about blading, though, because there’s an aggressive inline skating game in development as we speak called On a Roll.

I don’t know much about inline skating other than the fact that there’s a trick called a “Porn Star,” and that Brink is an unironically good movie.

In the interest of doing Good Journalism, I reached out to the one person I know who rollerbladed back in the day and asked him what he thought about On a Roll‘s latest trailer.

“I can finally die,” he told me over the phone. “This is the game [I’ve] been fantasizing about for years.”

So there you have it, On a Roll is rollerblader approved. Look for it to drop in 2017.