Dying Light takes jab at Destiny, rehydrates userbase



Techland is doing its damnedest to take the piss out of Destiny. You know, that “wow, this is really yellow, actually it’s almost orange; this cannotbe good for my kidneys” piss. It’s running a similar drink-based promotion, and this one’s designed to help you skirt renal failure.

On the heels of the reveal ofDestiny‘s Red Bull DLC, Techland’s announced a Dying Lightmarketing stunt that’s considerably more health-conscious. Take a picture of yourself drinking a glass of water, tweet it with the hashtag “#DrinkRightDyingLight,” and get a code for a new top-tier weapon.

Assuming you’re in a part of the world with readily-available water, this boils down to free content. That’s sure to go over a lot better than overpriced energy drinks tacked onto overpriced DLC.

@DyingLightGame [Twitter]