Dynamite Headdy is coming to blow up your smartphones


Don’t lose your head

When I saw the PR e-mail from Sega about Dynamite Headdy joining Sega Forever, my mind went to straight to Decap Attack. I have no idea why, but for some reason I’ve confused the two games over the years. Anyway, you can now download Dynamite Headdy for free on your smart device of choice and get to puppeteering your way through multiple levels of zany platforming.

This is Treasure’s (Sin and Punishment, Ikaruga) third game for the Genesis following Gunstar Heroes and McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure, with many claiming this to be one of the top ten games on the system. I’ve only briefly played it in the Ultimate Genesis Collection on PS3, but I might just have to sit down and give it a more thorough look. It does look very colorful and is highly unique, even for this day and age.

The free download is add supported, but you can pay a $1.99 fee to remove them. As with other Sega Forever ports, this game features cloud saving, leaderboards and bluetooth controller support, which should make old school players very happy.