Dynasty Warriors 9 sounds rad, as long as the open world isn't busywork


Scaling walls? Can I finally pursue Lu Bu?

As promised, Koei Tecmo blew the lid off of Dynasty Warriors 9, which is said to be the first true open world entry in the franchise.

China will be featured as a “single map,” which will still allow you to roam about the countryside slaying thousands — and will have various landscapes like deserts, jungles, and snow capped mountains, as well as actual Chinese landmarks. “Critical Missions” will pop up as story quests that allegedly can be approached in different ways, as well as side missions.

The combat system has also been enhanced with three concepts (trigger, flow, and finish), and traversal is greatly enhanced now that you can scale walls, climb mountains, swim, and use a grappling hook. New characters will entry the fray alongside of classic ones, for a grand total of 83 officers in all. PS4 is the only announced platform at this time, but more announcements are on the way outside of a western release confirmation.

I mean…I’m really into this. The screens give off a really cool sense that the open world will actually be full of things to do, or at the very least, people to kill. I just hope that said sandbox is more Breath of the Wildemergent story oriented and less Assassin’s Creedbusywork.

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