E3 has a new logo and it's automatically better than the old one


This isn’t nearly as atrocious

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the long-reigning title holder for worst logo in video games. It manages to skirt by year in and year out because no one cares about something that innocuous when E3 rolls around. Everyone’s so punch drunk at the idea of huge announcements that picking apart a logo is super low on their list of priorities.

But the logo is bad and it has always been bad! It’s like clip art from Microsoft Word ’97 levels of bad. Just look at this abomination:

When’s the last time that gross 3D model would’ve been “cutting edge?” 2005? It’s outdated by at least 10 years.

Finally, the ESA has unveiled a new logo for E3. Here it is:

Not too bad! The ketchup and mustard scheme isn’t amazing but this logo is comparatively light-years ahead of the old one. It was gonna win by virtue of being anything else. Default: The two sweetest words in the English language.