E3 website adds Xbox One virtual reality filter, multiple companies register


Xbox One VR all but confirmed by Microsoft now

The ESA recently added the ability to search E3 2016’s official websitefor the category ‘Xbox One virtual reality’ and it appears as though multiple companies have registered under said category, including: Maximum Games, Rebellion,Readily Information Company and 3DRudder.

You may be familiar with a couple of these companies, as Maximum Games is the maker ofFarming Simulatorand WRCseries, and Rebellion is team behindBattlezone 98 Reduxand the Sniper Eliteseries.

As for the other two, Readily seems to be a company consisting of people who previously worked in the games industry doing modeling, while the 3DRudder, interestingly enough, is a controller for your feet.

Yes, seriously.Mashable got at look at the foot controller at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year and seemed to enjoy the device, which is apparently already available for $179.

So that raises the question: Are we going to get a Nazi Zombie Sniper Elite VR title that we control movement with our feet for Xbox One? I sure hope so, and it sure sounds like it.

E3 2016 [ESA via NeoGAF]