EA is still trying to make basketball games for some reason with NBA Live 18


Come at the king, continue to miss

EA gave us a first-look at NBA Live 18. It was about four seconds of gameplay, in slow-motion (followed by a bit more later). It echoed EA’s false start when it debuted NBA Live 14 at E3: the only thing on display was the dribbling system and Kyrie Irving on an empty court. This was after EA shelved the series for four years because the NBA 2K series was so much better.

NBA Live skipped 2017, but EA’s trying once again.

There’s a free demo coming in August that carries over to the full game. It includes “The One,” NBA Live 18‘s story mode, which includes street leagues along with the NBA, but doesn’t seem to have the Spike Lee-directed style story of NBA 2K (or EA’s new dramatic FIFA and Madden stories).

At least it featured Kendrick’s “DNA!”