EA pegs Titanfall 2 for a 2016 release


Standby for Titanfall 2

Electronic Arts plans to release not one, but two major shooters in this year’s holiday season. Last Friday, we officially learned of Battlefield 1which isset to launch on October 21. During that same quarter, Titanfall 2is expected to release.

As a part of EA’s informative report to investors, a fiscal year game schedule was attached. Right alongside Battlefield 1is Titanfall 2. Also confirmed is a consoles and PC release. Order of appearance in the graphic means nothing, as they’re listed alphabetically.

In February, we had an inkling that a 2016 release was possible because of a line of associated toys. It was the type of news that could easily be debunked by a misinformed listing. Given that EA is comfortable conveying the same information to its investors, it seems like that was probably spot on.

What we know about Titanfall 2is very limited to this point. That should change soon with the publishers E3 press conference little more than a month away. There, we’ll likely see plenty of Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, and Mass Effect: Andromeda. It’ll be a busy E3 for a company that decided it doesn’t need to do E3 anymore.

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