EA Play is the new name for EA's game subscription service


Formerly known as EA Access and Origin Access

EA Access and Origin Access aren’t going anywhere – in fact, the latter is about to come to Steam – but they are being rebranded. EA’s game subscription service will be known as EA Play as of August 18.

The basic $4.99-per-month service will become EA Play, while the expanded $14.99-per-month tier will be named EA Play Pro. The selling points are staying the same, though – subscribers will get 10-hour trials of new games, 10 percent discounts on purchases, and access to full games in the Vault.

To try and bolster the value a little bit more, EA is also going to start giving out Ultimate Team Packs in FIFA, exclusive cosmetics, and other things of that nature in “monthly reward drops.”

This isn’t a service I’d probably ever subscribe to long-term, but I have used Origin Premier strategically on a one-month basis to play and finish newly-released PC games for $14.99. No complaints there.

As for the rebrand, it’s simpler for sure. I never liked having to write out EA Access and Origin Access to describe essentially the same thing (the former is for consoles, the latter is for PC), to say nothing of their clunkiness. Streamlining them into “EA Play” is just easier at a glance for unfamiliar players.

Something to keep in mind when next year rolls around and EA hosts another EA Play Live event.

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