Early Black Friday price for Titanfall 2 now on PC too at 45% off


This year’s discount king

Update: Best Buy/Amazon deals are dead. Only one remains is PC digital copy at Origin.

From $34.99 to $29.96 to $32.99… Titanfall 2 has been the discount king thus far this fall for pre-Black Friday season. Today only, Best Buy joins the fray and is putting down the price-smashing hammer on both the Standard and Deluxe Edition of Titanfall 2 across all platforms.

This is the first time the PC copy has been discounted (unlike previous sales where consoles got all the love).

Better yet, if you’re a Gamers Club Unlocked member ($30 for two years), those prices will get even cheaper. Deluxe becomes $42.39 and Standard only $26.39 — but that will require a $30 investment up front for a two-year subscription (which is worth it if you’re buying more than two new games per year).

If the discount has you thinking about Deluxe, note that the only reason to get it is for a ton more customization options. Titan warpaints and nose arts galore for the hardcore.

These deals at Best Buy are only available for shipping. Store pickup has been disabled. The digital copies are full price, so not exactly an instant gratification discount.