Early footage of Red Ash: Gearworld surfaces


Looks more promising than the actual game

Well here’s a surprise. It would appear that work-in-progress footage from the upcoming Red Ash: Gearworld OVA, based on the yet to be released Red Ash: TheIndelibleLegend, has surfaced.

Nearly 22 minutes of the upcoming Studio 4°C OVA surfaced on YouTube, and it is clearly a work in progress. The OVA has no subtitles, there are notes in Japanese that appear at the top and bottoms at times, and there are occasional animation errors. However, it is fully voiced, sound effects and music are in place, and there is even a set of credits at the end.

How did the footage get out? Well according to a GameFAQs thread, Animax, whose watermark appears on the footage, aired the footage roughly two weeks ago with next to no warning from any of the parties involved. Whether it was the same footage or not is unknown, but the art direction and character designs do match up from the official page for the OVA.

Having watched it in its entirety, I will say it looks promising. I’m digging the direction for the art style, the characters are very expressive, and the music is quite catchy in some spots. It also appears that it will be a multi-part series, as it ends on a “to be continued” screen. I’m looking forward to the final product, much more than the game it is supposed to be based on.

If you want to see the footage, better hurry. There’s no telling how long it will stay up before Studio 4°C, Comcept, or Animax issue a takedown notice.