Oh hell yeah, Earth Defense Force 2017 is coming to Nintendo Switch in Japan


That one level with all of the red ants on the beach is a stone-cold classic

I have a lot of love for the wider bug-squashing Earth Defense Force series, now and into the foreseeable future. But as some of you will ardently agree, there’s a precise degree of wonkiness and charm to Earth Defense Force 2017 that really hits the spot, even as bigger and better sequels — or in rare cases, surprisingly neat spin-offs — roll onto the scene.

So, good news: as reported by Famitsu, Earth Defense Force 2017 is getting a Nintendo Switch version on October 14, 2021, in Japan. If I need to use an alternate Switch account to play, I will. Hopefully, though, a Western release from D3 won’t trail too far.

The first screenshots from Famitsu look to be pretty close to my memory of EDF 2017, which is to say it’s endearingly ugly. The shambling floppy-armed robots still look cool.

How’s this sucker going to run on a Nintendo Switch? Not that well, I’d assume. I’d shoot for “adequately.” Content-wise, the Switch edition will retain the Pale Wing archetype from the PlayStation Vita’s Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable.

Japan already got a Switch port of this game’s predecessor, Earth Defense Force 2, on July 15. No word on that coming West yet, either. Please send them over.

For old times’ sake, here’s the level that has always stuck with me.

Good lord, this is my junk-food jam.

[Via Siliconera]