Earth Defense Force 6 sets its sights on PlayStation platforms


Still on course for a 2021 release in Japan

D3 Publisher has finally revealed its platform plans for the upcoming alien-bustin’ sequel Earth Defense Force 6. As reported by Weekly Famitsu, The EDF will be making their grand return on current PlayStation platforms. It is expected to launch in Japan before 2021 winds up, with a western localization expected to follow at a later date.

Of no surprise to anybody, Earth Defense Force 6 will see our favorite platoon of souped-up mech mercs battling an interplanetary invasion from a horde of creepy-crawlies, currently laying waste to the world’s capital cities. For a change, right? Previously released footage sees The EDF’s finest — loaded for bear with hi-tech melee and ranged weaponry — exterminating swarms of giant ants, spiders, wasps, and even nightmarish robotic walkers. Do these aliens not understand that The EDF are undefeatable, having protected the planet from attack on no less than five occasions!?

It’s a perfectly fair comment to suggest that the Earth Defense Force franchise has settled into steady repetition, with incredibly samey gameplay and only the most minor of technological upgrades between each new entry. But the franchise still retains hefty doses of good, chaotic, cathartic fun. The power of next-gen platforms such as PS5 will hopefully only add the crazy, satirical action, making the bug invasion all the more skin-crawly and the EDF’s arsenal of explosive weaponry all the more boomeriffic, (as in “BOOM!” not as in “Boomer”).

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