Is it just me or does Echoes of Mana look kinda good?


Echoes of Mana TGS 2021 trailer

Square Enix has been an interesting publisher to watch at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The company has been firing on all cylinders with new game announcements and updates on some highly anticipated titles it has in the works. It’s also keeping fans up to date on games they might not be so super hot on, like Echoes of Mana. Revealed earlier this yearEchoes is an upcoming free-to-play mobile game being developed by Wright Flyer Studios. Its initial reveal really didn’t do too much for me, but the new Echoes of Mana trailer below has me singing a different tune.

Dare I ask, but does that actually look pretty good? Like, the combat actually looks like it might be far more interesting than many of its mobile contemporaries. My initial impression was this game would be something more along the lines of Dissidia: Final Fantasy Omnia Opera, which didn’t last too long on my Android. But this actually looks worth paying attention to.

Either way, we’ll find out for sure if this is worth a download or not when Echoes of Mana launches worldwide in 2022 for iOS and Android. That gives me plenty of time to finally play through the Collection of Mana games that’s been sitting on my shelf for well over a year now.