Edmund McMillen wants to improve The Lost in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth


Plus some new Afterbirth content

In this week’s update for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Edmund McMillen publicly acknowledged the existence of the super secret character, The Lost, and announced that he’d like to alter the character in a way that would balance out the difficulty but still be rewarding for players seeking the ultimate challenge. He listed a few options for the community to vote on, which include starting The Lost out with the D6, the D20, or the D4, plus either spectral tears or a speed boost.

Personally, I’d prefer the D20 and speed boost option. That way, players won’t resort to using spectral tears from the safety of rocks right away, while the speed boost may give players a better chance to escape from those occasional super fast mobs, like the large spiders or the dudes with bombs lodged in their heads, which can seem a bit unfair to The Lost at times. And the D20 seems like the least useful of the three dice items, so I’d rather see that one in order to keep the insane difficulty intact. Which option would you choose?

The update also covers a bit of Afterbirth content to look forward to. It appears the new alternate floors will be more like alternate versions of existing floors, the example being the Burning Basement/Cellar, which would change the visual style of the Basement or Cellar and increase the amount of bonfires and burning enemies. Basically, subtle changes to increase the difficulty on certain floors. Sounds pretty neat to me!

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