Edmund McMillen's The Legend of Bum-bo slips to the 'first half of 2018'


I think this’ll hit the spot

Edmund McMillen and James Id are setting aside more time to complete their Binding of Isaac prequel/spin-off The Legend of Bum-bo. After missing its planned December 2017 launch, the puzzle RPG is now striving to release during “the first half of 2018,” according to McMillen.

For those wondering what’s new with the legend of bum-bo, @jamesid and I have expanded the game a bit and pushed its release back to the first half of 2018. Expect news and a teaser trailer by feb! pic.twitter.com/AEXL1BRxDu

— Edmund McMillen (@edmundmcmillen) January 2, 2018

If you haven’t kept up with this game, it’s about matching tiles. That said, everything is presented through a familiar Binding of Isaac lens. You’ll make matches to gain mana and cast spells to inflict damage, defend, counter, heal, and modify the board, among other effects. “Many items synergize and combo off one another and once you bring trinkets into the mix things start to get really crazy.”

This time, McMillen says he’s pushing the item-combo aspect further by “always giving the player two choices on what item they want from a treasure room as well as adding a ‘casino zone’ at the end of each chapter where the player can use their spoils to buy/replace/modify their current spells or even spin the wheel of fortune and raise their stats.”

Some of the most fun I’ve had with Isaac was when the stars aligned and I became stupidly, game-breakingly powerful, so I’m glad to hear that same sort of feeling should happen again in The Legend of Bum-bo. Release-wise, this is hitting Steam and iOS (and maybe Nintendo Switch too).

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