New Elden Ring gameplay explores one of its mini-dungeons


Go ahead and double-jump

There isn’t much time left until Elden Ring is out. The dark fantasy action game from From Software heads into another world full of ruin, magic, and danger. And some new mini-dungeon gameplay footage of Elden Ring shown today helps you get a sense for what dangers might appear in the open world around you.

A new batch of info dropped today, as part of Game Informer’s big cover reveal. Part of it includes some exclusive new Elden Ring gameplay footage exploring Castle Mourne, a locale classified as a “mini-dungeon.” The full game will have numerous mini-dungeons to explore; these caves and other areas exist in the world alongside larger dungeon areas like Stormveil Castle.

In Game Informer’s footage, they head into the castle after dodging absolutely massive harpoon-like arrows from one very angry giant. We get to see the double-jump and mount combat in action, and a sick sword graveyard in the distance, before the player heads into the castle.

From there, it seems like Castle Mourne has been having a generally rough time of it. From giant monsters to creepy jellyfish, Mourne has been overrun. And it caps off in a brief brush with a ferocious boss.

The dark fantasy atmosphere certainly seems to be coming together for Elden Ring. And while the mini-dungeon is cool, I was just as interested in the run-up to it. The open-world looks mysterious, dangerous, and eerily inviting for exploration. And the first arrow whizzing over the player’s view is a great jolt of surprise.

Suffice to say, Elden Ring is certainly one of the more anticipated games set for this year. And it’s not far off eitherElden Ring will be bringing its fantasy world to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on Feb. 25, 2022.