A trick for clearing out missing blue map beacons in Elden Ring


Place five beacons and the old ones will vanish

Blue map beacons are helpful in Elden Ring — until they aren’t. Here’s a trick to remove unwanted beacons that you’ve lost track of before they clog up your compass too much.

This needs a bit of setup for anyone who isn’t actively playing Elden Ring right now, but basically, the game lets you place down beacons on the world map (which will show up in your compass as you’re exploring), and there are also map markers (which are essentially stamps with various icons). For whatever reason, there’s a way to wipe all of your markers at once — something many of us would never willingly do! — but there isn’t a similar option to remove every beacon in one swoop. That said, the community has a solution.

Why Light blue? Why so small? from Eldenring

In a meme-turned-advice-thread on Reddit, user Adamblack805 calmly pointed out that when they can’t find their missing beacons in Elden Ring, they just “put five down again and clear them that way.” Wait, back up! As someone who only had a couple of beacons out on the field at any given moment in my 80-hour run, this never dawned on me.

Whether I threw down a quick to-do-list beacon in a densely-packed area and then let a cool distraction snowball into an all-out questline, or I just absentmindedly left a beacon underground while searching for an item, there were definitely moments where I tried and failed to locate these tiny blue pests that I had abandoned somewhere on my map.

Venting out of the way, this Elden Ring trick does work — you can place five beacons next to each other, causing your original MIA beacon(s) to vanish, and then manually remove the new ones. It takes a few seconds and you’re done. No search parties needed.

“I always find shit like this after I spend waaay too much time doing it the stupid way,” one player said in response to the tip. “This is the hold down on the D-pad to cycle straight to your HP flask all over again,” said another. “How do people even figure this out?”

Between this and the easily missed check-mark feature, I am so appreciative.