Element is a space RTS 'for people who don't have time'


To play space RTS

Our community monster Mike Martin has the real box quote when he alerted us to Element: “Guys… This gave me wood.” But I’ll soldier on for context.

The minimal real-time strategy game is actually available right now on Steam in Early Access form ($11). Described as, “a realtime strategy space game for people who don’t have time to play realtime strategy space games,” Element has you, “escaping a decaying solar system,” planet hopping along the way, mining every one of those bad boys for resources while blowing up fools who are understandably angry about you speed-colonizing their planet, I’m sure.

Real-time strategy is a genre that can be hard to condense and other efforts have flagged in the past (I immediately thought of Eufloria, which, oh god, don’t read my 5-year-old review, please), but it could be cool.