Elsinore takes Shakespeare's Hamlet through a time loop


Try not to end up face down in a lake

There is something about Hamlet that inspires creators to want to adventure through it. First there was Ryan North’s chooseable-path adventure book To Be or Not To Be, now there is Elsinore. Maybe people want to change the outcome because of the part at the end where everybody dies (spoilers).

Elsinore stars Ophelia, who has a terrible vision of the future and is cursed to relive the same four days over and over. Canonically, Ophelia ends up drowning herself. Naturally, the goal is to avoid that, and perhaps even keep the rest of the cast breathing after the credits roll. Through manipulation of information across different time loops, it just might be possible.

The Kickstarter campaign for Elsinore has already nearly reached its meager funding goal of $12,000 after only a few days. The team expects to release in 2016 on Linux, Mac, and Windows.